Committee Charter




    The Member Services Committee (MSC) is the committee of the Association which deals with matters involving (collectively membership services):

    1. the environment in which barristers practice;
    2. the conditions under which barristers practice;
    3. professional and social interaction between members;
    4. relationships with the courts and the judiciary;
    5. members returning to practice;
    6. child minding facilities;
    7. insurance;
    8. monitoring compliance with the 5 Year Risk Management Plan insofar as it involves insurance and claims;
    9. logistics and facilities for conferences and other Association activities;
    10. fee recovery;
    11. equal opportunity;
    12. pro bono schemes;
    13. health and welfare of members;
    14. facilities and services to members (except those encompassed within new membership, professional relations, professional development and professional regulation (collectively Specific Areas).

    The MSC is responsible for:

    1. enhancing the environment in which members and (where relevant to members) legal practitioners practice;
    2. improving the conditions under which barristers and (where relevant to members) legal practitioners practice;
    3. assessing the feasibility of, and if feasible providing, facilities for child minding and other facilities to assist members to practice and return to practice;
    4. assisting and facilitating the return to practice by members who have been absent for a substantial time due to family commitments or for other reasons;
    5. arranging support and assistance to members experiencing health, financial, personal, professional or other difficulties;
    6. fostering professional and social interaction between members;
    7. fostering relationships with the courts and the judiciary;
    8. organising the annual dinner, High Court lunch, general meetings, judiciary lunches and other functions;
    9. planning and organising the travel, accommodation, entertainment and other facilities for the Association’s conferences and other activities;
    10. monitoring, and where appropriate initiating improvements in, the availability, cover and cost of professional indemnity insurance;
    11. reviewing annually the cost, cover and availability of professional indemnity insurance;
    12. monitoring whether all Ordinary Members who are Scheme Participants are covered by mandatory professional indemnity insurance;
    13. annually analyzing the nature and level of claims against members reported to Law Claims;
    14. creating, reviewing and making available standard form retainer agreements and other documents for use by members incidentally to their practice;
    15. assisting and facilitating the collection of fees by members;
    16. implementing, monitoring  and reviewing equal opportunity strategies;
    17. administering the bar’s participation in pro bono schemes;
    18. making representations on behalf of members or to advance the interests of members to external bodies (except those encompassed by Specific Areas);
    19. reviewing the potential for the Association to have dedicated premises for its functions and activities;
    20. providing information to members about the Association and its functions ands activities;
    21. the provision of facilities and services by the Association to members (except those encompassed by Specific Areas);
    22. liaising with the ABA and sibling bar associations within Australia (usually via the President) concerning membership services;
    23. liaising with the LCA (usually via the President) concerning membership services;
    24. reviewing the scope of its activities and of this charter.

    The MSC consults with the President:

    1. prior to any proposed dealings with the LCA or ABA;
    2. as necessary or desirable.

    The MSC meets:

    1. at least bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of each odd month or on such substitute days or more frequently as is determined by the Chair;
    2. on such other occasions convened by the Chair as are desirable to perform its functions;
    3. in person or by telephone conference as is determined by the Chair.
  5. The quorum for a meeting is 3 members of the MSC. The procedure at meetings is determined by the Chair.

    The MSC by its secretary maintains minutes of its meetings and forwards those minutes to the Association’s executive assistant within 7 days of each meeting.


    The MSC reports:

    1. orally by its Chair (or nominee) to the Bar Council at each meeting of the Executive in even months and otherwise as appropriate;
    2. in writing annually to the AGM.

    The MSC may form one or more working groups dedicated to specific aspects of its functions or specific projects.

    A working group comprises at least one person who is a member of the MSC and such other members of the Association as the MSC appoints.


    The membership of the MSC comprises:

    1. the Chair;
    2. the Secretary;
    3. between 4 – 8 other members.
  9. The Bar Council may from time to time appoint or remove a person as a member of the MSC.