Committee Charter




    The Membership Committee (MC) is the committee of the Association which deals with (collectively new membership matters):

    1. information about joining and practice at the bar;
    2. promotion of coming to the bar and of membership;
    3. the bar readers course.

    The MC is responsible for:

    1. creating and communicating to law students and lawyers information about joining and practice at the bar (including the bar readers course);
    2. relationships generally between the bar and universities and students;
    3. promoting coming to the bar and membership of the Association;
    4. assessing and recommending on applications for membership and to undertake or seek exemption from the bar readers course;
    5. creating, maintaining and reviewing a charter for the bar readers course;
    6. preparing each year a budget for the bar readers course for approval by the Bar Council;
    7. conducting, reviewing, improving and determining the content of the bar readers course each year (subject to the direction of the bar council on expenditure outside the budget or to change a core component of the course);
    8. conducting spot checks whether Ordinary Members have been admitted and hold current practising certificates in accordance with the 5 year risk management plan;
    9. ensuring that the bar readers course includes a seminar on the Barristers Rules in accordance with the 5 year risk management plan
    10. preparing a report for the bar council at the conclusion of each course;
    11. liaising with the ABA and sibling bar associations within Australia concerning new membership matters;
    12. reviewing the scope of its activities and of this charter.

    The MC consults with the President as necessary or desirable.


    The MC meets:

    1. at least bi-monthly on the last Monday of each odd month or on such substitute days or more frequently as is determined by the Chair;
    2. on such other occasions convened by the Chair as are desirable to perform its functions;
    3. in person or by telephone conference as is determined by the Chair.

    The MC by its secretary maintains minutes of its meetings and forwards those minutes to the Association’s executive assistant within 7 days of each meeting.


    The MC reports:

    1. orally by its Chair (or nominee) to the Bar Council at each meeting of the Bar Council in even months and otherwise as appropriate;
    2. in writing annually to the AGM.

    The membership of the MC comprises:

    1. the Chair;
    2. the Secretary;
    3. between 4 – 8 other members.
  7. The Bar Council may from time to time appoint or remove a person as a member of the MC.