Gender Equity at the Bar


The SA Bar Association is committed to promoting gender equity at the Bar in South Australia. A Women at the Bar sub-committee was established in 2014 to consider measures that can be adopted by the SA Bar Association that will encourage women to join the Bar; support the retention of women at the Bar and optimise the opportunities for women to progress their careers at the Bar and in the law generally.

The first actions adopted by the Bar Council on 10 September 2014 on the recommendation of the Women at the Bar sub-committee, were the introduction of an Unconscious Bias CPD Program, and the provision of a Silk’s Commitment to engage with the leaders of the Bar to commit to actively advancing equality and diversity at the Bar. This is a completely voluntary undertaking.


The Silks’ Commitment


A pledge by Silks indicating a personal commitment to advancing equality and diversity including, at a minimum, recommending at least one new woman for a research task or junior brief annually, and to actively support a non-discriminatory workplace culture at the Bar. Click here for a copy of the Commitment.

Silks who have signed the Undertaking include:

-  Hugh Abbott SC

-  Chris Bleby SC

-  William Boucaut SC

-  Tom Cox SC

-  Tom Duggan SC

-  Michael Evans QC

-  Andrew Harris QC

-  Brian Hayes QC

-  Paul Heywood-Smith QC

-  Sashi Maharaj QC

-  Greg Mead SC

-  Neville Morcombe QC

-  Claire O’Connor SC

-  Patrick O’Sullivan QC

-  Maurine Pyke QC

-  Brendon Roberts SC

-  Ian Robertson SC

-  Neville Rochow SC

-  Michael Roder SC

-  Andrew Tokley SC

-  Stephen Walsh QC

-  Jonathan Wells QC