Gender Equity at the Bar

28 August 2015

The SA Bar Association is committed to promoting gender equity at the Bar in South Australia. A Women at the Bar sub-committee was established in 2014 to consider measures that can be adopted by the SA Bar Association that will encourage women to join the Bar; support the retention of women at the Bar and optimise the opportunities for women to progress their careers at the Bar and in the law generally.


Judicial Appointment Process in Queensland

27 June 2014

The Australian Bar Association has written to The Australian newspaper in response to Chris Merritt’s article on 20 June 2014 entitled ‘Nicholson has Tim Carmody’s back’.



Bar Readers Course

10 March 2017

Applications to undertake the Bar Readers' Course in 2017 need to be received by 7 April 2017.  Please see the Bar Readers' Course page for more information.